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Build from Lego a display case for your lego!
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Advantages of display cases from Olegabox:
  • stylish
    When you put your Lego® models in Olegabox, they look cool. The display case from Olegabox looks as if it has been sold together with the Lego®.
  • one of a kind
    The first professional display case for Lego® that uses only the acrylic plastic and Lego® parts. There is no other!
  • no tools required
    The assembly does not require any tool
  • in model colors
    Every Olegabox follows the colors of the particular Lego® model. It’s simply beautiful!
  • durable and solid
    The strong construction allows relocation with the Lego® model inside. This is very convenient when keeping the display case on shelves or in a bookcase.
  • fast
    Easily put together in 15 minutes. The detailed Lego-style instruction manual is included.
  • extra LEGO parts
    The Olegabox kits are supplied with the original Lego® parts only. By purchasing the Olegabox you receive a set of extra Lego® bricks “for a rainy day”.