OLEGABOX — OLEGABOX 4mm Display Case for Lego® 76023 Tumbler

OLEGABOX 4mm Display Case for Lego® 76023 Tumbler

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Made from 4mm thick acrylic plastic.

Glass box dimensions: 520mm(L) x 370mm(W) x 200mm(H)

Overall dimensions with Lego corners: 535mm(L) x 385mm(W) x 208mm(H)

Weight 4 kg // 8 lbs.

Size – L

Display case is shipped disassembled.

The shown Lego model is not include

What's Included

- assemblage-ready laser cut acrylic plastic parts
- original Lego parts for connectors
- detailed Lego-style instruction manual

Write to us at olegabox.sales@gmail.com and order an OLEGABOX created to your particular measurements and colors for a standard price with no extra charge.


This is a large luxurious 4mm display case for that cool model of Lego 76023 Tumbler. This spacious case has been designed with extra space for Lego info plate accompanied with Batman and Joker figures. The color of the Lego connectors used for the case is black to match the black design of the Tumbler. The small round bushings on the Lego corners are yellow. This black-and-yellow design follows the color scheme of the model and looks super. The top cover can be easily removed. The strong construction allows relocation with the Lego model inside. This is very convenient when keeping the display case on shelves. Suitable for different Lego models of the same size. Colors of the Lego connectors can be changed by your request. By your request the dimensions of OLEGABOX can be changed to fit your custom measurements. 

The kits are supplied with the original Lego parts only. Every display case from OLEGABOX  looks as if it has been sold together with the Lego set. The assembly does not require any tools. Easily put together in 15 minutes. Pleasure from building guaranteed!! 

All the original Lego parts for corner connectors are included.


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