OLEGABOX — Greetings, we are really glad to meet you here!

Greetings, we are really glad to meet you here!

Many of us treat Lego® not as a construction toy, but as a serious modeling hobby. It is quite ridiculous to keep a fine Lego model in a locker, at the same time it is sad to see it being covered with dust when displayed in open surfaces.

My name is Oleg, I am from Russia. I couldn’t stand seeing my lovely Crawler 41999 lose its colors under the dust and designed the Legobox. Some time after I started a company that produces Legoboxes for the Lego fans from all over the world.

How it works:

  • transparent acrylic plastic is cut using the CNC laser to within 0,1mm
  • no need in glue, screwdriver or pliers to assemble the OLEGABOX. Use your hands to put the supplied Lego bricks together and use them as the connectors for the glass parts
  • the OLEGABOX is designed in such a way that the acrylic panels connected by Lego bricks form a rigid structure which can be safely lifted and relocated with a Lego model inside
  • the top lid lays freely over the vertical panels and is positioned on its place by the upper Lego corners. It’ can be taken away at any moment to get an access to the Lego model inside.
  • the original Lego parts for the connectors are ordered from the proven suppliers from all over the world
  • each particular OLEGABOX follows the brand colors of the Lego model for which it is created
  • a detailed Lego-style instruction manual comes together with every kit and allows fast and easy assemblage. It is really fun to put it together, guaranteed!

All your comments and questions are welcome at olegabox.sales@gmail.com